Academic Bowl 11/17/2018

Congratulations to all of our students that did so well at the Academic Bowl on Nov. 17!

We are proud of you!  


Quiz Bowl (5/6 grade) 1st place – Aiden Corveleyn, David Groen, Ellyn Jenks, Vinny Jensen, Cameron Martin, Ginger Pessin, Matthew Walker 




Quiz Bowl (7/8 grade) 2nd place – Marianna Aguero, Raymond Jensen, Brianna Mikaelian, Braden Orton, Alaina Pessin 




Spell Bee (5/6 grade) 2nd place – David Groen  


Airplane Toss (5/6 grade) 2nd place – Vinny Jensen 
Paper Tower (7/8 grade) 1st place – Raymond Jensen, Michael Tenuta